Say What? Brian Wilson Reveals His New Catch Phrase

The Giants Brian Wilson always keeps us guessing.

This time around, he's talking about his new catch phrase "Got him" (pronounced got heem').

"Got him, little accent at the end. Got hee-em," according to Wilson.

Wilson talks about the phrase on Showtime's "The Franchise".

He says there are many uses for the term.

"Basically it's when you're talking a little bit of fun trash," said Wilson. "Sorry, papa's feeling pretty delicious right now, going to step into the box, go three for four, 8 RBIs. Got heem.

"Three one pitch. Piping it down the middle. Got heeeeeem.

"Or when you talk trash to someone. Hey sweet shoes bro. Um. No. Actually they're terrible. Got heem."

Wilson swears the phrase is going to catch on worldwide.

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