Schizophrenic 49ers Say They Don't Want T.O.

GM: "There's value in him ..."

With one-time 49ers star Terrell Owens available again, well-placed sources in the San Francisco organization have said the team does not have any interest in bringing the talented but histrionic receiver back on board.

Too bad no one informed the team's top executive of this before he went on live radio and proclaimed that they did.

General manager Scot McCloughan made a little splash yesterday in an interview on KNBR when the topic of Owens was brought up. McCloughan not only acknowledged that the 49ers were amenable to bringing back Owens, he played up Owens' value in rather glowing terms. "There’s a value for him," McCloughan said, referring to Owens. "We don’t close any doors. But there’s a value for some players that’s higher than others."

No sooner had the AM radio sports leader switched to a Shane Company commercial before team sources were contradicting McCloughan. The Chronicle's John Crumpacker asked a "well-placed source" if the team had legitimate interest, and the source flatly said "No." The always-profane and sometimes-accurate web site also confirmed that the 49ers would not bring back Owens.

Do John Crumpacker and know more about what's going on in that building than does the alleged team general manager?

There are now a whopping 14 teams that have gone on the record and publicly proclaimed no interest in signing Terrell Owens. That's nearly half of all the teams in the entire National Football League.

The season hasn't even started yet, and Terrell Owens is already putting up bigger numbers than any other receiver in the league.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who is generating no interest from any teams in the National Football League.

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