Seahawks Cornerback Follows Kaepernick, Sits During National Anthem

It isn't just Colin Kaepernick taking a stand, or in this case another seat, to raise awareness for racial injustice and civil unrest.

Jeremy Lane, a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, decided to piggyback Kaepernick's national anthem sit-down and perform the same act Thursday night in Oakland during the Seahawks' preseason finales against the Raiders.

Lane muled over whether or not to mimic Kaepernick's stance this past week before finally drawing inspiration to show some solidarity. 

"I just like what he's doing and I just feel like I could stand behind him," Lane said. "I don't mean no disrespect to anybody, but you know, I'm just standing behind what I believe in."

Many Seattle players were unaware of Lane's sit down, but former Stanford University standout Richard Sherman wasn't surprised to see his fellow defensive back take a seat. Sherman just hopes that his teammate is prepared to combat any backlash.

"Like I told him, there's going to be criticism but he's really strong in his decision and has a strong conviction in what he was doing so he'll be fine," Sherman said.

Sherman, a Compton, Calif. native, believes that the message behind Lane and Kaepernick's stance will only prompt further national conversations moving forward.

"Obviously Jeremy doesn't stand against people who have sacrificed for this country or anything like that but he also understands the oppression that our country has put African Americans through for years and put minorities through for years so I think that's something they're looking to get recognized and looking for people to make a change to. You know, I think this discussion that Colin started is going to evolve into something deeper."

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