Jonah Hill to Star in “Moneyball” as Fit, Brainy Jock-Exec

The journey of Michael Lewis' book "Moneyball" from the printed page to the screen has been circuitous to say the last, and now the latest news is that Jonah Hill is on deck to play a former Harvard University football player.

Brad Pitt is out as Billy Beane, and the role of Paul DePodesta will not be played by Demetri Martin, as previously reported. Rather that role will be filled by zaftig funnyman Jonah Hill, Lewis told ESPN baseball blogger Rob Neyer.

This is either an elaborate ruse or the sign that Hill is ready to make a life-changing decision about diet and exercise akin to that of his cohort Seth Rogen.

When word broke a couple of years ago that Rogen was starring in the title role of Michel Gondry's "Green Hornet" adaptation, there were howls of laughter mixed with gasps of incredulity. Rogen was literally un-fit to play the part, but put down the fork and hit the gym long enough to get into fighting trim. Could it be Hill is ready to do the same?

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