Shanahan Not Worried Lynch is Inexperienced

Likely new 49ers coach says team's new GM is a smart, "high character" guy who will succeed

New 49ers general manager John Lynch may have no experience as an NFL executive, but Kyle Shanahan has full confidence in his abilities.

Shanahan, the Falcons offensive coordinator and 49ers head-coach-in-waiting, talked openly Monday at pre-Super Bowl festivities about his eagerness to solidify his position with the Niners and his admiration for Lynch, the former standout NFL safety and longtime TV analyst.

Shanahan confirmed to the media that he met with Lynch before the 49ers hired him this past weekend. Shanahan believes Lynch’s lack of experience won’t hurt him in the least.

“I truly believe that whenever you have a smart guy who is very talented and has extremely high character and has no problem working extremely hard … if given the time, it’s a matter of time before they figure it out,” Shanahan told reporters in Houston, where the Falcons are preparing to play the New England Patriots Sunday in the Super Bowl. “John is as impressive a human being as there is and has succeeded in everything he’s done.”

According to Gregg Rosenthal of, Shanahan compared Lynch to current Broncos GM John Elway, who has been successful without having taken a traditional route through an NFL office to his job.

In his first comments since being hired, Lynch also expressed confidence he can succeed without having served as a scout or personnel evaluator since his retirement as a player. But, he understands those who have doubts about him.

“I’m eager to earn their trust,” he told Bay Area media Monday. “I think the feelings that some might have there are natural. … I understand that, and I’m fully aware that myself and the team I put around me, we’re going to have to earn that respect. The only way to do that is through your actions. For us, that’s showing it on the field.”

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