Simone Manuel's Former Coach Talks Discipline, Challenges

Olympic swimmer and history maker Simone Manuel grew up in Texas before moving to the Bay Area to swim for Stanford -- but she wasn't the only one who traded the Lone Star State for the Bay's beaches and scenic views. 

The Olympian's former coach moved to Santa Clara, where she trains middle and high school swimmers, some of whom have gold medal aspirations. She talked with NBC Bay Area about what it takes to make it, and about the dedication and talent Manuel clearly had as a young swimmer. 

Allison Beebe began coaching Manuel when she was about 11 and saw her nearly every day until the stunner graduated highschool. She says she remembers her former pupil as a young girl who hated missing a workout, loved to challenge herself and had a big personality. 

"She was fun, you know, sassy Simone," Beebe said. "She's got a lot of spunk, brought a lot of energy, likes to sing and dance." 

The Texas program Beebe was involved, called First Colony Swim Team, also taught all-star swimmers Skylar Swim at University of Texas and Eegan Groome of Missouri 

Manuel is the first African American female to win an individual gold medal in swimming. She won four medals total at the Rio Olympics. 

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