Sinphet Kruaithong's Grandmother Passes Away Celebrating Competition

Excitement turned to heartbreak for bronze-medal-winning weightlifter Sinphet Kruaithong of Thailand.

According to multiple reports, Kruaithong's 84-year-old grandmother, Subin Khongthap, collapsed at a viewing party while watching her grandson compete in the Olympics.

"The initial assumption is that she died from heart failure -- but we have to wait for the hospital's result," Surin police officer Somwang Prangprakoan told AFP. "I'm not sure if she was too excited, or if maybe she was already ill."

Kruaithong lifted a total of 289kg (637.1 lbs) to finish behind Long Qingquan and Om Yun-Chol in the men's 56kg weight class.

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