Asher Klein

What Sports Betting Looks Like in UK as It Comes to America

"Residents hate it," said an official who represents a London street packed with betting shops

After the Supreme Court struck down a federal law that required states to ban gambling on the outcome of sporting events, Britain's £13.8 billion-a-year betting industry ($18.4 billion) may offer a glimpse into America's future, NBC News reported.

The country has 8,351 betting shops, which take bets on football (both soccer and American football), cricket, rugby, horse racing and more.

High Street North in the London neighborhood of East Ham made headlines five years ago for having the nation's highest proliferation of bookmakers. NBC News recently counted 15 betting shops on a 1.3-mile stretch of the street.

"Residents hate it," said Julianne Marriott, who represents the area on the London Borough of Newham's council. "There are very few people who think it’s a good thing."

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