Steph Curry Crashes House Party in Rhode Island

After a victorious basketball season for the Warriors, Steph Curry and his boys are relaxing and partying it up.

According to TMZ, Curry and former teammate Kent Bazemore of the Atlanta Hawks crashed a house party while in Newport, Rhode Island after attending the wedding of ex-Warrior teammate, Harrison Barnes.

After the wedding, Curry and Bazemore were reportedly in search of an after-party and heard music at one house in particular. The gang knocked on the door in hopes of a good time and was welcomed with open arms and beers.[[437977073, C]]

A video later posted to Instagram by Jim Marrinan, who was at the party, shows Curry chugging a Bud Light alongside several people at the party.[[437975113, C]]

“No after party is complete without @stephencurry30 randomly rolling in asking to party…,” Marrinan said.

437975113[[437975113, C]]
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