Steph Curry Irked Tripping Over Court-Side Vendor During Game 3 Vs. Mavericks

Steph irked tripping over court-side vendor during Game 3 vs. Mavs originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Fans sitting courtside at NBA games can present problems sometimes because they are so close to the court.

During Game 3 of the Western Conference finals at American Airlines Center on Sunday between the Warriors and Dallas Mavericks, it was a vendor who was put in an unfortunate position.

After Steph Curry contested a 3-point attempt by Reggie Bullock on the left wing right before halftime, he tripped over a vendor who appeared to be serving a fan.

Curry took a tumble but appeared to be OK – though he looked back and was understandably not pleased.

It wasn’t the first incident involving the sidelines in this series, as the Mavericks were fined $100,000 Sunday for a third infraction of the league’s “bench decorum rules.”

The trip of Curry appeared to be an unfortunate accident, but the situation could’ve been a lot worse for all parties involved.

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