Steph Curry Knows He Has No Room for Error With Warriors This Season

Warriors superstar Steph Curry understands the situation he and his team are in this season.

The two-time NBA MVP is well aware that the margin for error isn't what it used to be.

"In years past, maybe I have an inefficient game -- don't shoot the ball well, get a couple assists or whatever -- we may still win that game because we have experience and talent and whatnot," Curry said to The Athletic's Tim Kawakami on "The TK Show" podcast. "This year, if I -- for lack of a better term -- s--t the bed, it's gonna be really hard for us to win games.

"So I accept that challenge for sure and understand what kind of player I need to be."

Depending on who is in uniform for the Dubs and who they are facing, it might be hard for them to win certain games even if Curry drops 50 points.

The Western Conference is embarrassingly loaded, and teams are going to want to stick it to the Warriors now that they are vulnerable.

Curry needs to be "2015-16 Unanimous MVP Steph" in order for Golden State to feel really good about its chances to lock in a playoff berth.

"I never put that much pressure on myself to say, 'I gotta be MVP' because I know that's kind of out of your control," the six-time All-Star said. "I always look at myself when I walk off the floor and say, 'Did I play well?'

"It sounds cliche but that's literally how I approach (each game). Definitely understand if I'm playing the way I'm supposed to play and we're winning games, that I should be in that conversation.

"That's what I hope for and I'm doing everything in my power to make it happen."

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And don't worry Warriors fans -- the three-time NBA champion also is well aware that he will need to be more aggressive at times when it comes to calling his own number.

"Might mean I need to take more shots or kind of force the issue a little bit if things kind of get stagnant for us as a team," he added. "It's not like I'm playing with any more intensity now than I would have in past years, it just might look a little different."

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