Steph Curry Relives Memories With Dell in His New Facebook Docuseries

Steph Curry's latest Facebook web series debuted in Oakland on April 1 during a screening in front of family, friends, and the media.

"Stephen vs. The Game" takes fans behind the scenes into Curry's personal life. But this time around, his daughter Riley was watching some of the footage. And she was so fascinated by just how much she physically resembled her father.

"She thinks it's crazy how much we look alike. I said, ‘That is how genetics work, babe.'" Curry told The Undefeated.

That's Steph on the left for those of you who too, can't tell the difference.

"But even just in the process of making the documentary over the last year, all I know is some of the footage, whether it made it into the documentary or not, has given us the opportunity to remember this snapshot in and round out the story," Curry added.

Before the Warriors' 115-109 win over the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night, Curry talked about the docuseries, highlighting the platform and bringing the public into his personal life.

"It's stuff that people think they know but don't really know. This is an opportunity to share what has made me, me, in terms of family, my faith, from the time I was born until now."

Yes, there are baby photos of Steph in the docuseries so he's right -- it's what the people want. And in addition to the childhood photos, there is footage of Curry and his dad when Dell was making a name for himself as a guard for the Charlotte Hornets.

Steph talked about how the roles have since reversed.

"What stood out was probably all the stuff from the Hornets days when I was sitting on my dad or my mom's lap when my dad was doing his time in Charlotte," Curry said. "It's crazy like, thinking, like, [now] that's Riley, Ryan or Canon sitting on me and [my wife] Ayesha's lap talking about the same stuff. But it's a different era. I haven't seen that type of footage with how young my parents look at the time, when they were just starting their journey with their family. And now, me and Ayesha are doing the same thing."

He holds true to the family theme that the series offers but makes sure it doesn't change the dynamic the Curry household holds.

"I didn't want to disrupt anything they normally do in terms of their routines on a daily basis," Curry said. And the daily routine of his job is as well.

"It's an opportunity for me to open the veil a little bit in terms of team challenges that we face throughout the journey and the chasing of the championship."

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His overall goal? He wants viewers to be inspired by Curry finding their own passions and joys in life.

"And confidence, too," he said. 

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