Steph Curry Shares How Security Guard Ralph Walker Returned to Warriors

In July 2018, Ralph Walker retired after after providing security to the Warriors for seven years. 

Two months ago, NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole broke the news that the retired Oakland police officer was returning to Golden State.

"Having as many familiar faces from guys that know how we do business around here -- and good guys -- means a lot," Steph Curry told Connor Letourneau of The San Francisco Chronicle. "So much change and turnover, having him back is huge just from a culture standpoint.

"Selfishly speaking, I love it. Very familiar with him, comfortable with him. He knows me and my family well. He knows the whole organization. A no-BS type dude."

Although Walker wasn't with the Dubs last season, he was working personally with the two-time NBA MVP.

"We were actually making jokes on our Asia tour -- me and my Under Armour team -- like, 'Oh, Ralph. We want you back man.' At the end of the trip we had a dinner and somebody brought it back up," Curry explained to Letourneau. "He answered a comment with, 'All right, I'll do it.'

"And we all like stopped and were like, 'Wait, are you serious?' So I actually had to get it on film to document the moment so he couldn't backtrack.

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"He took a year to be with his fam and his daugther in high school ... at the end of the day, I know he missed it."

Walker doesn't have to miss it anymore.

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