Stephen Curry Mural Pops Up in Oakland

There’s a new blue and gold landmark in the East Bay.

Golden State Warrior fans have been stopping by the corner of 27th and Northgate in Oakland to pose with a new mural of MVP Stephen Curry.

The two-story work of art has many wondering: Who did it?

Tim Hon and two of his buddies call themselves “the Illuminaries.” They say the meaning behind the mural goes deeper than a coat of blue and gold paint.

“I want people to walk away feeling inspired,” Hon said.

Hon said he wants Oakland to be proud, not only of Curry, but of their neighborhood.

“Just with paint, you can make a huge difference with how people view the community or how they view this area,” he said.

No matter what happens on the court, the artists hope fans will appreciate the mural for years to come.

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