Steve Kerr Declines to Comment on President Trump's Latest Twitter Jab

Steve Kerr refused to take the bait.

The Warriors coach was asked after practice Saturday if he had a response to President Donald Trump's tweet from Friday night in which the Commander in Chief called Kerr "weak and pathetic" for his answers on the NBA-China controversy.

Kerr simply shook his head. He didn't say a word.

The reporters pressed on and asked if Kerr was surprised he once again drew Trump's ire.

Again, Kerr shook his head. He wasn't taking the bait. He wasn't going to give Trump another reason to tweet about him.

At 11:25 p.m. ET on Friday night, Trump went on another tweet storm and directed a tweet at Kerr.

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Good for Kerr to take the high road on this. But we're going to assume that Trump will have something to say about Kerr's lack of a response.

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