Steve Kerr Details What He Wants Draymond Green to Work on Offensively

After the Warriors' loss to the Jazz on Monday night, coach Steve Kerr explained how the circumstances this season for Draymond Green are really bizarre.

After practice Tuesday, Kerr was asked how the three-time All-Star still can have a successful year.

"I think Draymond's season is based on his leadership of the younger guys," Kerr told reporters. "We had practice just now where he spoke up repeatedly in our defensive drills and the guys needed to hear every word. The value of what he brings is gonna go far beyond what you see on the court.

"But I do think offensively, he's working on his 3-point shot -- he's got that in him. The way we're playing, we're gonna space him on the weak side of the floor a little bit and he's gonna have some open looks.

"This is gonna allow him to play off the ball and space out and work on his shot. I'm gonna encourage that. He can get that confidence back."

Draymond shot 21 percent from deep as a rookie, and 33.3 and 33.7 percent in his second and third seasons respectively.

Then in 2015-16, he exploded to 38.8 percent (41.4 percent under interim coach Luke Walton, and 34.9 percent with Kerr).

His 3-point numbers dipped to 30.8 percent in 2016-17, 30.1 percent in 2017-18 and 28.5 percent last season.

After going 0-for-4 against Utah, the three-time NBA champion is at 23.5 percent (4-for-17) this year.

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"He hasn't needed to shoot a whole lot for us the last few years with Kevin (Durant) onboard," Kerr explained. "Now, it's a totally different role.

"We got to get him to understand his role. We got to figure out what that role is together. But to me it means spacing out, getting that confidence in the 3-point shot back."

Draymond probably won't ever shoot 39 percent over a whole season again. But if he can hover around 33 to 36 percent, that would be a big boost for him and the Warriors.

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