Stow Kids Miss Dad on Father's Day

Key hearing scheduled for Monday in Los Angeles criminal case.

If this was a typical Father's Day, Bryan Stow would have packed a cooler and taken his kids over Highway 17 and up 880 to the Oakland Coliseum to watch the Giants take on the Oakland A's.

But this is not a typical Father's Day for Stow or his two young children, Tyler and Tabitha. Stow is the Giants fan who was brutally attacked outside Dodger Stadium on March 31.

He remains in a coma nearly three months later.

Instead of going to a game like they usually do, Stow's children who live in Scott's Valley, made a collage of photos to hang on their dad's hospital room wall.

Stow's family said late last week that doctors are still trying to lower his seizure medications. "Bryan has been sleepy this week, but still tracking. We continue to play him music, talk to him, and read him your comments. If he hears us, he knows that Father's Day is approaching," his family said in a statement.

Tyler Stow talked to a Monterey reporter on Friday and said he considers his dad his best friend and hero. 

"I can't judge other dads or anything, but he was pretty special," Tyler Stow said. 

Tyler's little sister Tabitha said it still feels weird not having her dad by her side every day.

Both children said they love and miss their dad and the whole thing makes them sad. 

There is a chance that the suspect in the beating, Giovanni Ramirez, could get out of jail soon if a scheduled parole hearing goes his way Monday.

The LAPD named Ramirez as a suspect, but they have not yet charged him. He is currently in custody on unrelated charges.

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