Texas Ranger Rips Oakland, Fans

It doesn't take a Texan to call the Oakland Coliseum what it is: a dump.

But a Texan ripping Oakland A's fans just days before he is scheduled to be center stage in the city? Not a good idea.

But that's exactly what Texas Rangers' pitcher C.J. Wilson did.

"I hate pitching there," Wilson said. "The mound sucks. The fans suck. There are no fans there. The fans who are there are really adamant, but sometimes you'll go there and there's 6,000 fans. I just wish the fan base supported them a little more."

And if the pending free agent wasn't clear enough, he let A's General Manager Billy Beane that he has no interest in signing in Oakland next season.

"So, you don't have to worry about me signing there in the off-season," Wilson said. "The players on their team hate me. Whatever. I don't care. We're rivals."

Just to add insult to injury, Wilson ripped the Bay Area's cool weather while he was at it, saying he prefer the Texas heat to the East Bay chill any day.

Good luck Friday night Mr. Wilson. Six-thousand A's fans have been waiting a long time for something to cheer for.

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