Thongs All Around for Giants

If America thought San Francisco was a hedonistic city with loose morals, wait 'til they get their panties in a bunch over this.

Aubrey Huff is providing rally thongs to every single player on the San Francisco Giants.

The San Jose Mercury News reports the Giants' first baseman received three enormous parcels of the panties ahead of Tuesday's Game 3 win, and was tossing them all over the Giants' clubhouse.

You know the rally thong. Huff began wearing a red thong with emblazoned with rhinestones reading "PAPI" at the end of August. Once he started playing with the thong beneath his pants, the Giants went on a 25-12 rampage and won the NL West.

Huff says he's worn the signature thong in every game of the playoffs. Now he's providing the thongs to his teammates.

That's right, we have grown men playing for the National League pennant in women's underwear. Deal with it, Mormon Church.

No word yet on whether Lincecum, Cody Ross, or any of the other Giants will take Huff up on his thong offer to join him in wearing a thong.

Or on whether Huff provided a 50-inch waist option for Pablo Sandoval.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer whose new catchphrase for the Giants' playoff run is "Happy Thongs-giving"

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