Tim Lincecum Agent: Long Deal Unlikely

We noted recently a report that the Giants are making overtures to Tim Lincecum's camp on a long-term extension.

Here's some good news on that front: it's true! And here's some bad news: it's unlikely to actually happen.

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury-News spoke to Lincecum's agent Rick Thurman, and Thurman confirmed that the Giants and Lincecum are in talks on a big deal.

However, Thurman also called the talks "very exploratory," meaning that they aren't progressing very quickly at all and, we would guess, basically only involve the Giants inquiring as to whether Lincecum will sign a long-term deal instead of hitting arbitration.

"My only expectation is that we’ll talk about a contract for 2012," Thurman told Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Thurman also added to Schulman that the two sides have had "no substantive talks," making any sort of long-term deal in the immediate future seem, at this point, pretty unlikely. Although it's worth noting that Thurman told Baggs "there are never any absolutes" regarding the type of deal Lincecum will sign.

Which means if the Giants bowl Lincecum over with a big-time offer, he might considering inking the contract. The Giants like this idea, because it means they can lock up Lincecum and Matt Cain over the long term and announce the two deals at once, before 2012 start.

But there are a pair of reasons why it's unlikely that Lincecum will sign. For starters, he's previously stated that he prefers to work on one- or two-year deals because there's no pressure to live up to a monster contract.

Secondly, Lincecum, despite what he says, may want to see how Brian Sabean can upgrade the offense before getting locked into a huge deal. It's obviously pretty frustrating when you pitch well and still don't win games as a result of a embarrassingly stagnant offense.

And in Lincecum's case, there's no reason for him to sign the deal -- particularly ahead of his walk year -- without knowing the Giants are committed to winning and producing runs.

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