Tim Lincecum Gets a Hair Cut

The locks are still on the long side, but they are considerably shorter tonight.

Giant's ace Tim Lincecum made some news even before he took the mound in Denver Wednesday night.

Timmy got a hair cut.

Lincecum is known for his long locks (which you can see in the attached image gallery).

You still wouldn't call his hair "short," but you'd have to say its shorter.

From the stands it looks as if the starting pitcher chopped off about 3 to 4 inches. The Giants had a rare off day Tuesday in the middle of a three game series with the Rockies. Apparently that gave Lincecum the time he needed to visit the barber (or hair stylist in this case).

Don't worry Giant's fans, that is the only hair news from the orange and black. Brian Wilson was seen jogging along the sidelines before the game started and his beard is still very much in tact.

Lincecum also was in the news Wednesday after he went off-roading with Bryce Menzies and Red Bull.

The ride was "recent" (not today) and Timmy got some ridiculous air.

We have video below: 

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