Tim Lincecum Gets a Haircut

Laurence Scott

It's the offseason, so the flow of news surrounding the Giants is relatively minimal (although we're not THAT far away from Spring Training; where does the time go?).

And while someone getting a haircut might usually be classified as "slow news day" type of news-day stuff, this is Tim Lincecum we're talking about, and the Freak got himself a serious, serious trim.

DO WE EVEN KNOW THIS GUY ANYMORE? I mean, seriously, this is a major trim, you guys. Just look at a comparison from Tim immediately following the Giants World Series win and Tim, just a few months later at Media Day.

 It's a crazy move and it takes Tim from his traditional Wiley Wiggins/Mitch Kramer to some sort of skinny Jason Schwartzman look. CSN Bay Area Giant Insider brings the full 360-degree look with a tweet from media day, noting the serious shortness of Lincecum's 'do.

Look, for a long time Lincecum's hair was considered Samson-esque. Cutting it -- especially cutting it this short -- was considered a sign of his potential downfall.

But after Timmy's disastrous (on a personal level, not a team level, obviously) 2012, maybe change is a good thing.

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