Timmy Gets a Playboy Spread

Playboy knows the secret to mens' heart and it has nothing to do with scantily clad women and everything to do with a fully-clothed Tim Lincecum.

The Freak is making his Playboy debut with a four page spread and a cool illustration.

The 26-year-old two time Cy Young winner talks with Playboy about his struggles last year and offers insight into what really caused him to go 0-5 with a 7.82 ERA in the month of August.

Lincecum doesn't blame poor conditioning or even his off-season bust for carrying 3.3 grams of marijuana in his car. Instead Timmy blames Buster Posey.

To be fair, Lincecum said the switch from Bengie Molina to the rookie phenom behind the plate messed with his head.

"I didn't adapt to Buster as fast as I should have," Lincecum told Playboy. "I was shaking him off, worrying about my rhythm, worrying my fastball was losing its speed."

It wasn't until a meeting with General Manager Brian Sabean, Bruce Bochy and pitching coach Dave Righetti -- that Lincecum equated with "getting called into the principal's office" -- that the young star was able to get his head straight.

The story continues to talk about Lincecum's preparations for the new season, why he is called "the Freak" and how he got his start in baseball.

The Lincecum interview is featured in Playboy's May issue on newsstands now.

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