Tim Lincecum, Giants Up for Two ESPYs

So, the ESPYs are always a bit contrived and overdone and, well, ESPN-y (go figure!), but it's still kind of an honor to be nominated for one, I suppose.

With that as the backdrop, then, congrats to the San Francisco Giants and Tim Lincecum, who were each nominated for an ESPY!

The Giants were nominated in the category of "Best Team," and will go head-to-head with the Auburn Tigers, the Boston Bruins, the Dallas Mavericks, the Green Bay Packers and the Texas A&M women's basketball team.

Yeah, pretty much anyone who won a championship, even if it won't count in five years!

The Mavericks and the Packers -- two fan favorites with arguably bigger local and/or national followings -- should provide plenty of opposition for the Giants in this category.

Lincecum was nominated for "Best Championship Performance," along with Tim Thomas of the Bruins, Kemba Walker of the Connecticut Huskies and Serena Williams for Wimbledon.

Honestly, Timmy should WALTZ with this trophy.

First of all, Serena just got beat in this year's Wimbledon -- how much can you really get excited for handing out an award with that fresh in your mind?

And did you watch the UConn/Butler final? There was more offense during a Giants homestand, and that's saying something really insulting about offensive play. Finally, Tim Thomas plays hockey.

If you want to help the Giants and Lincecum pick up some hardware, cruise on over to ESPN and make your vote count, so you can really feel invested when you're wondering why on Earth you're still watching the third hour of Seth Meyer's monologue.

And no, the Giants did not have anyone nominated for "Best MLB Player," which actually seems fitting considering the way they won the title last year.

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