Tim Lincecum's Newest Secret Revealed

Baseball players are known for their superstitions, but Giants ace Tim Lincecum used to be one who seemed to fight that trend.
That is, until now. 
It turns out Timmy has one superstition he's being forced to admit.  It got to a point where he couldn't deny it. 
The Cy Young Award winner has a lucky hat which he has worn for all of his major league starts.  Nope, he hasn't washed it.  
It's like the line in the Frosty the Snowman song: There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found.

This one is wool, but whatever works right?
A Chronicle reader asked the question after noticing the ratty-looking cap on top of the pitcher's head during his debut in Houston.
Lincecum says he's considered his hat a lucky charm since he was a kid. He wore the same one freshman to senior year in both high school and college. 
"If I had one superstition," he told a Chronicle reporter while holding the hat, "it would be this guy."   He even allowed a smell test, which it reportedly passed.
Giants fans wholeheartedly support Timmy.  They are a superstitious lot.
He was wearing that cap when he earned his won two Cy Young awards.  He wore it for everyone of his 33 wins, not to mention his dazzling opening day performance

Two days until Opening Day and Lori Preuitt can't wait.

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