Time for 49ers, Raiders Fans to Turn to Gandhi on Thursday Night Football

Okay, no more whining. You're all done. We're all done. Thursday night is coming, and unless you're planning to leave the planet either physically or ethereally, there is no point going on about it all week.
The Oakland Raiders will play the San Francisco 49ers Thursday night, and it will be horrific. Two of the three worst records in the NFL (2-13), the two worst records against the spread in the NFL or CFL, and all but three teams in college football, and two teams going nowhere at Warp 2 will face each other Thursday evening in what will NOT be for Bay Area bragging rights. Nobody is bragging about this, trust me.
That's the set-up, kids. Nothing good comes out of this whatsoever, and not even the notion that the two teams will never play each other again while sharing the same geographical area saves it. It is the very essence of athletic toxicity.
And now we're done. These are the conditions that prevail, and since you may well be fans of either team (or both, if you've been raised poorly), your choice is clear.
You have to Gandhi the week, accept the scorn, and move on.
You have no arguments to "Your team sucks" to offer even each other, so why raise your blood pressure? You cannot even dog New York Giants fans; at least they have a tougher schedule and the inside track for the Justin Herbert sweepstakes, so why agitate yourself needlessly? You don't even get the satisfaction of firing your coach like Cleveland did Monday morning after Cleveland fired its NBA coach on Sunday morning, thereby doubling its civic pleasure, so the road from Hell has not yet been graded, let alone paved.
Your game – sorry, this game – is the worst prime time game BY STATISTICAL FACT after Halloween in the history of television, so just deal with it as Gandhi did – with non-violent resistance in the form of enduring what you must now and gathering the strength in time to refuse what cannot be accepted.
And by "deal with it," we mean agree with every taunt, every snide remark, every chunk of ill-intended smack. Nod knowingly and say, "Yep, you got me there, champ. My team sucks the concrete off the sidewalk, no question. You're very smart to point that out to me. I wouldn't have realized it without your generous help. Thank you."
And then walk away. Sticks and stones may hurt you, but your only response can be abject agreement followed by tactical retreat. Verbal abuse needs something flammable to keep it lit, and whether you've moved to the other end of the bar, the other end of the street or the other end of the galaxy, they can't hit what they can't reach.
Plus, smack without response is really just bullying, and if your bullying needs someone else's team allegiance as tinder, then your skill is not a quality skill. Anyone can punch down; the best punch up.
And you, who cannot punch at all, can only get through the week by accepting your fate: "Yes, your team is better. Yes, your team's record is a direct result of your superior character. Yes, you are a genius by wearing the correct piece of laundry. I can only apologize for stealing air that rightfully belongs to you."
And then absent yourself, silently plotting your revenge.
Now that last part isn't what Gandhi would do. He did resist the injustices of colonial rule and repression over decades, but he knew in the end that he would get his back. And the Raiders and 49ers cannot be bad forever – that job is apparently reserved for the Browns.
That's when you get yours back, and double. All you need is patience, and for your team to stop decomposing.
Oh, you Raider fans may give in to the temptation of badmouthing the 49ers in the months you have left to bother before they leave for Las Vegas, but it won't be a satisfying experience. Beating the 49ers when they're good is better, because beating the mighty is always better than beating the equally lame.
And the same is true of 49er fans. If your team has beaten the Raiders, what exactly are you winning? A slightly lower draft choice? Hardly seems worth it.
So, as you are inundated this week by the well-earned negativity your teams have presented you, escape quietly to a more peaceful place. Watch the game if you must, pass on it if you can, and spend your time in more fruitful pursuits.
Say, alphabetizing your children's candy and take out the good stuff when they're not looking. Sure, it's punching down, but when the reward is a Three Musketeers that you didn't work for – well, every bit of sound advice comes with an asterisk.

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