Tips On How to Behave at World Series Parade

This is your third try, so let's try for proper parade etiquette this time.

Three titles in five years means three parades and no excuse for misbehaving this time around.

San Francisco has already dealt with hooliganism and tomfoolery that somehow accompany every major sports accomplishment. And with that out of your systems on Wednesday night there are a few things you ought to know about how to act during a World Series parade.

The San Francisco Examiner is playing the role of Miss Manners today, providing a how-to list for World Series parade enjoyment.

So as you huddle in the rain underneath your orange-and-black umbrella and wait to catch a glimpse of Mad Bum, Buster, and the rest, do keep in mind that "civility should rule the day," as the newspaper put it.

All space you occupy at the parade is public, which means entitlement is next to zero. Shared public space means allowing the people around you to catch a glimpse once your selfie with confetti is captured.

And tall people ought not get taller. "Standing on chairs, newspaper boxes, light poles and most of all coolers is a really lame way to treat your fellow fans," the paper opined.

Other good ideas: abstain from marijuana consumption and alcohol, which may be easier to obey this year than in the past. Hard to get a light in the rain, and nobody likes Bumgarnering with some rainwater.

Lastly: keep the Dodger gear at home. But hopefully you already knew that one.

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