TiVo and Twitter Track Super Bowl XLVIII

Ads and plays we liked the most

The big data is in from the big game.

TiVo and Twitter released their annual stats on what was watched, re-watched, and Tweeted about during the Super Bowl. Not surprisingly, the Bruno Mars halftime show, along with the Budweiser dog and horse ad, were the most replayed moments outside of the game.

TiVo says the bad snap to start the game and the kick returned for a touchdown to start the second half were the most re-watched plays of the game.

As for the tweets, our thumbs did the most pressing during the aforementioned Percy Harvin touchdown return to kickoff the second half. Good for 381,605 tweets per minute.

Also hot: The 23-yard Russell Wilson to Jermaine Kearse touchdown pass in the 3rd quarter. That haul hauled in 271,775 TPM. 

Overall, Twitter says the game and halftime show triggered just shy of 25 million tweets.

For the fourth straight year, TiVo says more people tuned in during the halftime show than to the game itself. 

Here's the report from TiVo.

And here's the report from Twitter: 

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