Disturbing Video Appears to Show Alleged Domestic Violence Incident Involving Ex-49ers Player Ray McDonald

Newly-released photos of Kendra Scott, ex-fiance of former 49ers player Ray McDonald, appear to show her bruised and battered

The court system and the National Football League's handling of domestic violence is back in the public spotlight after new video reportedly involving former 49ers player Ray McDonald surfaced Wednesday.

The cell phone video obtained by NBC Bay Area appears to show an alleged domestic violence incident from May 2015 at McDonald's Santa Clara home. The former NFL player's ex-fiancee, Kendra, recorded the video.

NBC Bay Area has decided to not publish Kendra's last name at her request.

Kendra's attorney told NBC Bay Area on Wednesday she now wants to go public and she is "not hiding anymore."

In the tense four-minute video, an apparently frightened Kendra is pleading to a man she repeatedly calls "Ray" to "stop" and to "get away."

Kendra claims the man in the video is McDonald.

The woman can be heard saying in the video, "Get away from me Ray. You're in here acting crazy. What are you doing? I was sleeping with (child's name) and you come in here and act like this. This is crazy."

The video does not show any faces of the people recorded. Video later shows another man — reportedly McDonald's driver — step in and try to get the man identified as "Ray" to leave.

"Give her a few moments to get herself together and then we'll come back. Please," the man says to "Ray."

After few more minutes of the tense situation, Kendra's attorney said McDonald charges at Kendra, prompting her to run away. The cell phone video shows the woman running while yelling "stop!." A man can also be heard calling out "Ray!" The video then ends.

The recorded incident appears to be the domestic disturbance call police received about 4 a.m. on May 25, 2015 at McDonald's Santa Clara home. The ex-NFL player had let his ex-fiance and baby son live in the home so he could visit. Prosecutors allege McDonald had broken into the bedroom where his ex-fiance was sleeping.

McDonald was later arrested and charged with felony false imprisonment, misdemeanor domestic violence, child endangerment and violating a court order that he stay away from the woman.

The video was presented during a domestic violence hearing in 2015 and is also part of ongoing child custody proceedings.

Kendra's attorney on Wednesday also released pictures of her bruised and apparently battered.

McDonald was released by the 49ers, and later by the Chicago Bears in the midst of several legal claims, including domestic violence accusations and a grand jury hearing in which the former NFL player was not indicted.

A grand jury declined in August 2015 to indict McDonald on felony false imprisonment and misdemeanor domestic violence charges from that tense confrontation on May 25, 2015. The grand jury instead indicted McDonald for violating a court restraining order to stay away from the woman.

NBC Bay Area legal analyst Steven Clark said the release of the video will cause the NFL problems for not taking more action against McDonald.

Kendra and her legal team said they hope to convince the NFL to set up a program to help domestic violence victims.

Attempts to reach McDonald's attorney for comment were not returned Wednesday.

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