VIDEO: Cody Gets ‘Bartman'd' by Fan

Everyone remembers Cubs' fan Steve Bartman. In fact, because he theoretically cost the Cubbie a trip to the World Series (though I'd offer further advice: stop choking, Chicago!), he might be more famous than many actual baseball players.

So, it's with his name in mind that we bring you a "highlight" from Wednesday night's game, in which Cody Ross was robbed of catching a foul ball by a young man who probably shouldn't have been doing what anyone else does when they see a ball coming their way: try to catch it.

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You can hear the fans booing this fella, and you can see Ross' look of disgust at the fact that the Giants lost an out thanks to this eager Giants fan.

Fortunately, the fan was escorted from his seat; that was probably a safety move by Giants security more than it was something to show the team's distaste of his decision to exercise his right as a fan.

And, more fortunately, the Giant won 5-1, stopping their five-game skid and temporarily pushing them into a tie for first place in the NL West. (The Diamondbacks would later reclaim their lead.)

It's easy to blame the guy for going after the foul ball. But it's also kind of necessary to remember -- especially in this season with fan violence getting such a prominent role in the media -- that he didn't do anything malicious and that the Giants still won.

And though, as Kevin Kaduk of Big League Stew points out, the "initial similarities to Bartman's incident with Moises Alou were striking" the end result wasn't the same, and the stakes weren't nearly as high.

But there are two pieces of advice for stadium-goers here. 1) If you're sitting on the line, make sure and "call your catch" or just get the heck out of the way, and, 2) if you don't, make sure not to give the Associated Press your name.

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