VIDEO: Fan Almost Nails Miggy With Home Run Ball

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

There's a pretty standard tradition at baseball games -- it's one that's particularly prevalent at Wrigley Field, where the Giants racked a pile of runs on Tuesday -- that when someone on the visiting team hits a home run, you throw the ball back.

Well, Miguel Tejada hit a home run on Tuesday, and when a Cubs fan caught the ball, an ever rarer feat than the home run itself nearly happened, as the kid almost hit Tejada with the ball.

Yes, as Big League Stew's Mark Townsend points out, this is something straight out of Rookie of the Year.

So, but seriously: the kid caught the ball in the left field stands of Wrigley. And then he freaking gas-canned it back into the field and just barely missed Miggy as the Giants shortstop/third baseman/general offensive and defensive anchor was rounding second and third.

It would have been awkward if Tejada had gotten tagged by the ball, and he probably would have suffered a concussion, ended up in the hospital and/or gotten a really big bruise depending on where the ball hit him.

But if there was anyone we had to sacrifice in order to see someone make a perfect throw like that, well, um, yeah.

Anyway, the Giants won, Miggy didn't get hit and this kid will probably end up with a contract from the Cubs. So everyone wins.

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