VIDEO: Gregor Blanco Does It Again

Getty Images

Gregor Blanco must really, really, really like Matt Cain. Because when Cain's on the mound, homeboy gets loose in the field. 

Remember what he did, diving at the warning track to preserve Cain's perfect game on June 13? Yeah, he did that again last night.

This time around, things were a little different, however. Cain wasn't perfect, the Giants weren't winning, Blanco didn't hit the warning track with his slide, it was only the fourth inning and the ball was hit a lot more shallow and to left centerfield.

But still, pretty spectacular.

Where does this gem rank for Blanco in terms of all-time catches?

Second," Blanco said.

Of course it's not tops. Preserving a perfect game (and covering more range) is far more impressive. But Wednesday's catch is definitely a freaking gem.

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