Video Imagines Wild NBA World Where Steph Curry Is Drafted by Clippers

As any fan of science-fiction movies knows, alternate timelines can be tricky.

But, one of the favorite past times of sports fans is the rabbit hole that is "what if?" What's more than imagining how sports history would look if just one thing had gone differently?

Since the NBA season ended last week when the Raptors vanquished the injury-ravaged Warriors in six games, the sports world has some time on its hands to explore such never-ending mazes.

The maze Bleacher Report tried to create Wednesday will make your head spin. BR published a video depicting how the NBA would look had the Los Angeles Clippers decided to draft Steph Curry instead of Blake Griffin with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, and the NBA was never the same.

In the video, BR creates an alternate timeline where the decision to draft Curry has a wide-ranging ripple effect on the NBA. Kawhi Leonard never is traded on draft night, beginning his career in Indiana instead of San Antonio. He still ends up with the Raptors, though. The Wizards draft Damian Lillard. Mike D'Antoni becomes the coach of the Clippers. Kevin Durant stays in Oklahoma City. Chris Paul's desired trade to the Lakers appears to have worked out. 

Then things get apocalyptic for Curry.

LeBron James, a free agent in 2014, elects not to head home to Cleveland, instead of going to the Lakers at his apex to create a juggernaut with his friend Paul.

Paul George, the LA native, joins the Clippers to play with Curry, along with Carmelo Anthony. But instead of James passing the title torch to Curry as he did in the reality this Earth currently occupies, King James and CP3 knock off Steph and the Clips to create a new NBA dynasty.

While it might not all add up, it's a damn fun exercise. It would have been nice to give a hat tip to Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and whatever that reality's version of the Warriors would become.

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What a world it would have been.

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