Vince Vaughn Interviews Jonathan Toews

Vince Vaughn is not shy about his Blackhawks pride, but the Chicago-area actor now has a special connection with one of his favorite players.

Vaughn interviewed Hawks Captain Jonathan Toews before the team’s exciting Game 4 win Wednesday.

The "Wedding Crashers" star, who earlier this week paid for the Tampa Bay Lightning staff's dinner at Chicago Cut Steakhouse because "this is Chicago," started off the interview wearing a Blackhawks hat and stating that he is “an unbiased voice.”

The two discussed nicknames (he gave Toews the name "Johnny Johnny Hot Cakes), goal celebrations and Vaughn's Blackhawks-themed Polar Plunge dip in the interview as well as some fairly serious and hockey-related topics like Toews’ plans to win Game 4 and what it’s like to play at the United Center.

Vaughn took the Polar Plunge earlier this year wearing a Jonathan Toews jersey, but that didn't quite phase Toews.

"I know that for you it's an accomplishment to jump in a freezing lake but for us up at Lake Toews that's like going for a swim in late-June," Toews said.

Vaughn even brought Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello into the interview to help compare the United Center energy to one of a rock concert.

“It is a moment of peak intensity,” Morello said. “Like the most exciting moment of a rock concert at the beginning of a Hawks game there’s nothing like it.”

When it came to the game, it appears Vaughn may be considered a good luck charm.

“We’ve made it this far without seeing a Vince Vaughn appearance at a Hawks game but now that you’re here I think we finally feel that weight is lifted and we can kind of get back to playing the way we know how to,” Toews said.

Vaughn was later spotted at the game with Morello and the Hawks went on to win Game 4 and tie the series 2-2. They return to Florida to take on the Lightning in Game 5 Saturday.

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