Walk Off Win For the Other Guys – Giants Lose

As good as the grand slam by Brandon Crawford felt Friday night, a bases loaded suicide squeeze scoring Ryan Braun felt that bad a day later.

Giants lose to the Brewers 3-2.

"I've had go-ahead hits in the eighth and stuff, but I've never had a walkoff, winning hit like that,'' pinch hitter Jonathon Lucroy said. "Never in college, nothing."

The game also included a rare inside the park home run after Cody Ross lost a soft hit ball down the first base line.

The ball rolled under Ross' glove all the back to the wall. Hitter Carlos Gomez sped around the bases allowing Gomez to easily  hit all bases. 

The right-field corner of Miller Park is obscured from view and there were no conclusive TV replays of why Ross couldn't quickly get the ball back to the infield, where he also missed a cutoff

"It should not be an inside-the-park home run,'' Ross said. "What happened was I went down to go get it and I whiffed, and it got by me. Error. That's it.''  For the record Ross was NOT hit with an error on the play.

The Brewers had a 2-0 lead until the Giants scored twice in the eighth.  This time the come back didn't stick.

"They battled,'' Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. "Down two runs, and they found a way to tie and had a good opportunity.''

The game, which was filled with odd plays also had a lengthy delay In the bottom of the 8th inning. The game stopped for 12 minutes after home plate umpire Mark Wegner tore the calf muscle in his
 right leg and needed to be helped off the field. It took that long for the back up ump to get geared up.

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