Warriors Discuss San Francisco Move With Giants, Ed Lee

Team executives meet with the City to talk about moving across the bridge.

The Golden State Warriors may have struck out adding big names to its roster but the team's new owners don't intend to let that stop them from building a shiny new arena.

Team owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber had not been shy about their desire to pack the team's bags and drive them across the Bay Bridge since they took over last year but now the duo is moving forward with that plan.

Team executives met with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Giants' CEO Larry Baer Wednesday to talk about the possibility of building a new arena near AT&T Park, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

"The potential for building an arena near AT&T Park is very exciting," Lacob told the paper. "The Giants have done some remarkable things over there. It's a great ballpark that revitalized an entire part of the city.

The team is looking to build a stadium before the 2017-2018 season, when the Warriors' lease with the arena expires.

But all is not lost for Oakland. Lacob and Guber have also reportedly met with Oakland Mayor Jean Quan to talk about the possibility of building a new arena where the Oracle currently stands.

But despite a recent makeover, the arena is the oldest court use in the National Basketball Association.

And with the Warriors losing out on players, who are choosing to play in more glamorous markets, a move to the City could be just the ticket to help attract talent to the Bay Area.

Oakland could also find itself without any teams soon. As the A's prepare for a decision from Major League Baseball about a move to San Jose, there has been some talk about the Raiders moving to Los Angeles or even down to Santa Clara to share a stadium with the 49ers.

And one of the major road blocks the A's are facing -- the Giants -- appear to be in full support of the Warriors becoming the team's neighbor.

"Building a new facility - whether it's an arena, a stadium or a ballpark - is exciting," Baer told the paper. "It's something that is coming out of the ground, and it's a vision. It's really exciting stuff. It could be a dramatic and amazing development here."

Meanwhile Quan is expected to announce a plan Friday to announce a plan to redesign the Oakland Coliseum complex, in a bid to keep the A's in the East Bay.

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