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Warriors' Security Guard Makes Impression in G League Tryout

Warriors' security guard tries out for Sea Dubs in G League originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

You never know where the next diamond in the rough will be found. Heck, it might be in the parking lot.

That's where the Warriors looked.

Jonathan Amey is a security guard for Golden State who frequently greets the players on their way in and out of the player's parking garage at Chase Center. But for a few hours last month, he was living the dream.

Amey, 26, recently tried out for the Santa Cruz Warriors at the Warriors' practice facility. He showcased his skills for a few coaches, and although he didn't make the cut, he certainly left a positive impression.

"He’s a constant figure when you’re coming out of the building,” Steph Curry said of Amey on Saturday. “It speaks about how encouraging, motivating and unifying basketball is for him to go put himself out there, go out for a tryout. He said his jumper needed some improvement. He’s a little self-critical but we gave him the confidence to keep trying and keep his attitude high. I like the fact that he put himself out there because it’s no easy task. So, shoutout to Jonathan."

"I had no idea," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said of the tryout. "It’s great. I’ve known Jonathan for a few years. He’s been here, great kid. He’s always got a great energy about him, but I didn’t know he had a tryout with us. That’s amazing. I’ve got to ask him about it. Good for him, just to fulfill a dream and to go for it. I love it, that’s great."

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Though it was a short-lived tryout, Amey made a memory that will last a lifetime.

"It was just a great experience to be able to play at a pro level,” he said, “and be able to also just to have an opportunity to get a chance to do something most people wish they had the opportunity to do. I didn’t think I was going to get an opportunity so I just felt like, ‘Hey, if the offer’s there just go for it.' "

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