Warriors Need to Fund Own Stadium: Ed Lee

Mayor says no public money will be given for a basketball stadium while at an economic forum in Oakland.

The rest of the Bay Area may be trying to get to the South Bay but one local sports team only has eyes for San Francisco.

The Golden State Warriors new ownership group has made it no secret that it hopes to one day be trying to stop the "Linsanity" in the shadows of AT&T Park.

While San Francisco would love to have the team pack its bags and move across the bay, the City wants the Warriors to bring their cash with them.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee says any new stadium built in San Francisco for the Warriors would require private financing.

"If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that sports teams are also businesses, and they want to be successful as well," Lee said at an event in Oakland, according to The San Francisco Examiner.

And the team that may have inspired the Warriors' ownership group to make the short trip across the bay may be the death nail in any dreams of securing public financing.

The San Francisco Giants built a stadium near where the Warriors would reportedly like to be playing by 2017, when the lease at Oracle Arena runs out, with no public financing.

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