Under Armour CEO: With Durant, Warriors Still ‘Stephen Curry's Team'

In case you missed it, Kevin Durant is now a member of the Golden State Warriors.

The 2014 MVP is a Nike client, while Steph Curry is with Under Armour.

"KD is a good human being. They'll be good teammates. They're both competitors," Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank recently told Donald Dell of CSN Mid-Atlantic (see full video below). "KD made a decisive choice to go to Golden State. So going to Golden State and saying, 'Great, now give me the keys,' that's Stephen Curry's team.

"KD knew that when he went there, and I think that's something that will continue to work itself out."

Curry used to be with Nike, but he ended up with Under Armour after Nike reportedly declined to match contract terms back in 2013.

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In 2014, Under Armour aggressively pursued Durant, but Nike matched a deal that reportedly could be worth up to $300 million.

"When we signed Stephen, he had already been in the NBA for three years, and the thing that we saw in him, and believe me, we went after other athletes ... and the amazing thing is about champions. There were athletes -- and I won't name names but I would over that beer, Donald -- but there were other athletes that we pitched and said, 'We need you to be the face of Under Armour basketball. We want you to come to the brand, you're gonna have a thunderous style ... you'll be on the picture, you'll carry the weight, you'll be the one and we'll put you up and it will be you versus KD, and Jordan and LeBron and Kobe,' and you remember watching these guys just kind of melt in the chair.

"And there's athletes that don't want the ball with 10 seconds to go, and there are some that do ... we went after signing KD, and I just remember after that, and Steph was apart of that recruiting, we had already signed Steph ... and we knew Steph was great but it was like, 'Hey, we could sign KD,' and then we didn't get him, I just remember Steph had this look of like, tap me on the shoulder and going, 'It's gonna be OK. I got this,' and basically like, 'Give it to me.' And not unlike (Michael) Jordan, I think a part of it was his saying ... he wanted the ball. Those other guys were scared of the ability to have to face these other ... they didn't want the ball. They didn't want all that pressure on them. And Stephen Curry, that you'll see over and over again from him, is somebody who wants the ball when the game's on the line."

Plank isn't about to guarantee a title for the Warriors in 2017.

"It's a hard thing. Just because you have all the stars, doesn't mean you're gonna win. Chemistry is so important to that ... but without question, that's Stephen Curry's basketball team."

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