Warriors' Draymond Green Still Adjusting to New NBA Height Rules

SAN FRANCISCO -- Early Wednesday morning, Warriors forward Draymond Green had a score to settle.

With his shoes off alongside Golden State's assistant trainer Roger Sancho, Green -- who has been listed at 6-foot-7 his entire career -- took his official height along a white wall.

"All y'all talking about I'm 6-5, here come the real measurement," Green said in the Instagram post. " ... 78 inches -- 6-6."

Green's video was in response to the NBA's new ruling for teams to release player's actual measurements. For years, the league has used standard height and weight for players, often not changing for years at a time.

Now, with the league enacting a stricter policy, players and coaches alike are adjusting.

"I sort laughed about it," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Wednesday afternoon. "I talked to Draymond every day for five years. They keep introducing him as 6-7 and he looks like he's two inches taller than me and I'm 6-2 1/2 so this has been going on forever."

The new policy -- which was first reported by The New York Times last month -- stems from an age discrepancy involving Kings guard Buddy Hield. As reported by NBC Sports California's James Ham, Hield, then 25, was listed as 26 years old.

As a result, many notable players have seen their measurements changed.

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving - long-listed as 6-foot-3 - now is 6-foot-2, while rookie Zion Williamson -- who was listed as 6-foot-7 in college --  now is 6-foot-6.

Perhaps the most notable change is former Warriors forward Kevin Durant - who now is listed at 6-foot-10. Throughout his career -- despite admittingly looking taller -- the forward long-listed himself as 6-foot-9.

"For me, when I'm talking to women, I'm 7-feet," Durant told the Wall Street Journal. "In basketball circles, I'm 6-9. But really, I've always thought it was cool to say I'm a 6-9 small forward. Really, that's the prototypical size for a small forward. Anything taller than that and they'll start saying, ‘Ah, he's a power forward.'"

Height and weight discrepancies are not new for the NBA. Former Timberwolves big man Kevin Garnett famously said he was 6-foot-11 and "some quarters" during his career. Lakers forward LeBron James -- notoriously tight-lipped about his weight -- was listed at 250 pounds for much of his career.

Now, for the players currently in the league, it doesn't seem to make a difference.

"It's more for the fans than it is for the players," Warriors guard Steph Curry said. "I don't think anyone feels any different as a player with his actual listing. I'm sure wherever KD is, he's not feeling different about not being 6-9 anymore so all that stuff is more for the fans and understanding what it's like when you walk on the floor [seeing] how truly big guys are but its more just another thing to talk about."

Curry was absent on the current list of player changes. Nonetheless, he set the record straight on his proper height, while going through several factors.

"Without shoes, I'm officially 6-2 3/4 but you don't play basketball without shoes," he said. "I don't play basketball without this fro so I might be 6-4 now."

As for Green's gripe, the newly minted 6-foot-5 forward has done well despite the lack of size, becoming one of the league's best defenders, including being named Defensive Player of the Year in 2017.

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Still, an extra inch wouldn't be protested.

"Everyone wants to be taller so it doesn't matter," Kerr said. "If the guy can play he can play. I don't care how tall Draymond is he's pretty damn good."

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