Warriors' Jordan Poole Knows Moment He Earned Draymond Green's Respect

You aren't going to find many people who talk more trash than Warriors forward Draymond Green.

But in June, Golden State drafted somebody who just might be at Draymond's level.

Jordan Poole -- the No. 28 overall pick out of Michigan -- lets his voice be heard.

As the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year told reporters last week:

And as Marcus Thompson of The Athletic writes, it was Poole not backing down to Draymond's trash-talking at practice that solidified his standing in the three-time NBA champion's eyes:

Jordan Poole found himself on the business end of an Omari Spellman post-up. Giving up four inches and 51 pounds, Poole did what any self-respecting guard would do when backed down by a big. He fouled him. Draymond Green, on Spellman's team in this scrimmage, started talking trash to the rookie.

"He said I was a baby down there," Poole recalled. "So I'm like, ‘Who's a baby?' I'm not."

Poole was triggered ... he knew that's what Green was doing. Rookie or not, Poole wasn't allowing that. He barked back about how Spellman had to work for it, how he put the big man on the line, that he wasn't an easy mark.

"You could kind of tell it was rare for people to being saying stuff back to Draymond," Poole said. "I think that moment right there is when I earned his respect, for sure. One hundred percent."

Superstar guard Steph Curry, coach Steve Kerr and Draymond love Poole's confidence. The Warriors need players who aren't scared to shoot and/or make plays, and the 20-year-old relishes those opportunities.

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And if he does something that helps his team, he's probably going to let the opponent know about it.

"I'm trying to get in your head, you're trying to get in my head. But with somebody like that, you can learn as much as possible," Poole told Thompson. "Draymond really does this. You know what I'm saying?

"Draymond is the best trash talker in the league. So why not learn from him?"

Very smart. Not bad for somebody who can't even legally buy himself a beer.

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