Warriors' Steve Kerr Explains Why He Prefers Thanksgiving to Christmas

[CSNBY] Warriors' Steve Kerr explains why he prefers Thanksgiving to Christmas
Drew Shiller

Steve Kerr's middle name is Douglas.

If he had a second middle name, it would be "Scrooge."

"What traditions we have, my wife handles. She's really good at Christmas," the Warriors' head coach told Logan Murdock and Kerith Burke on the most recent episode of the "Runnin' Plays" podcast. "She takes care of everything and she makes fun of me for being a scrooge -- not because I don't like Christmas, but because I'm not good with gifts.

"I'm just not good at buying gifts -- I just don't like to do it (laughing). Hence the name Scrooge."

Kerr's wife, Margot, goes all out to celebrate the holidays.

"She's got the decorations, the trees, she's got the music," Kerr explained. "She fills up the stockings for the kids who are all in their 20s now. They still have stockings. She's all-in. She makes it a great day."

So Kerr isn't sentimental?

"I am sentimental," he said. "I'm a Thanksgiving person. I love Thanksgiving for the same reason as people like Christmas, only there's no gifts. So it suits me perfectly.

"I like the family togetherness, I like the food. I love Thanksgiving -- prefer it to Christmas."

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It's safe to assume that every single kid in the world disagrees with the eight-time NBA champion, as they prefer getting showered with gifts.

But there's no doubt that as you get older, the appreciation for Thanksgiving grows and grows.

Does yours truly have a preference? Let's just say that I love them equally as much.

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