Warriors' Steve Kerr Shares Hilarious Gambling Story From Pelicans Win

If you are having a bad day, this is going to cheer you up and make you laugh.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was a guest on KNBR 680 on Tuesday afternoon, and when host Tom Tolbert said Golden State's 134-123 win over New Orleans on Monday had a little bit of an All-Star Game feel to it (because it was high-scoring), Kerr revealed the following:

"I have to admit something to you. I set an over/under with the rest of the coaching staff on total points. This is probably against NBA rules -- I may lose my job over this, probably not a smart thing to say on the radio -- but before the game, seeing their lineup and seeing our lineup -- they're small, we're small, we got shooters everywhere, so do they.

"For $1 -- over/under -- I think I set it at 228. Aaron Miles jumped in, he goes, 'Under, it's going under.' Poor Aaron. The last two minutes, I think New Orleans made like five 3s or something (laughter).

"And by that time I had completely forgotten about it. Then we get into the locker room after the game and Aaron hands me a dollar, and I burst out laughing."

This is amazing.

Although, if Kerr really set the line at 228, the over hit with 4:46 remaining in the game when Pelicans rookie Jaxson Hayes made a layup to make it 128-101 Warriors.

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So the four 3-pointers New Orleans made over the final four minutes didn't actually cause assistant coach Miles to lose the bet.

More importantly -- if NBA commissioner Adam Silver or anybody else at the league office is reading this, do not fire Kerr for this.

Please and thank you.

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