Watch Legendary NBA Shooters Steph Curry, Chris Mullin Play Pop-A-Shot

Two of the greatest shooters in Warriors history squared off in the truest test of shooting ability Friday night. 

Two-time MVP Steph Curry and Basketball Hall of Famer Chris Mullin played "Pop-A-Shot" on the set of "Warriors Pregame Live," pitting the two against one another.

With Curry's left hand broken, the two each used only their dominant hands. But a broken hand didn't deter the three-time NBA champion, as Curry beat Mullin 39-17 on the Golden Gate Studio set. 

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When Curry returns to the court, the two just might have to take it to the hardwood. Although the 56-year-old Mullin has not played since 2001, our bet is that the career 38.4 percent 3-point shooter can still stroke it. 

For now though, Mullin's sharp-shooting successor has all the bragging rights. 

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