Watch Steph Curry Perfectly Recall Random Highlights From His Career

Steph Curry remembers the deep cuts just as well as the hit singles. 

Curry filled in as an analyst on NBC Sports Bay Area's Warriors Pregame Live ahead of Golden State's game against the Miami Heat on Friday night, and host Greg Papa took Curry through some of his career highlights. Papa said the date and the opponent, and Curry then had to fill in the blanks. 

The two-time MVP began with an easy one, recounting his dribbles into -- and out of -- trouble before pulling up from 3-point range against the Los Angeles Clippers on March 8, 2015. The shot became an enduring highlight in Curry's first MVP season, with Steve Kerr's demeanor instantly changing from frustration to amused bewilderment when Curry nailed the 3-pointer. 

"What happens next is coach Kerr loses his mind because he thinks, 'What kind of shot [is Steph] taking?'" Curry recalled Friday. "But it's a move that I do with two balls [before the game], but now I've got only one in my hands so it's a little easier. Four people are around swiping at it ... Klay's wide-open, too, but eh, I'll just shoot it."

Papa didn't give Curry much detail for the next highlight, telling him that "a strange play" occurred on Feb. 10, 2010 against the Clippers.

"Is this off the head?" Curry accurately guessed. "Look at that, I called it!

" ... I'm looking down the court, I think somebody's already down, I'm looking at a chest pass and it goes right off big fella's head (Chris Kaman) right back to me, and it was just my night that night. It was the game right before All-Star Break, my first triple-double game."

Curry's 36 points, 13 rebounds, 10 assists and seven made 3-pointers that night set or matched his then-career highs. It was the first of Curry's final 30 games that season, kicking off a stretch in which he averaged a very Steph-like 22.6 points, 7.8 assists, 5.7 rebounds and a 47.0 percent/45.2 percent/90.3 percent shooting split from the field, beyond the 3-point line and the free-throw line, respectively. 

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When told the date (May 6, 2013), playoff series (Western Conference second round) and opponent (San Antonio Spurs) for the final highlight, Curry had two words for Papa: Tony Parker. 

Curry isolated the retired guard on the play in question, needing to improvise after he lost his dribble. 

"This is one -- I had it going in the third quarter," Curry recounted. "I had to dribble it off the floor, basically, and roll it to myself and make it. ... That's my favorite bench reaction because all of my guys just put their hands on their head, they didn't know what to say. [I] left 'em speechless. That was cool."

If you ask Warriors fans for their favorite Curry moment, you'll probably find a wide range of answers. Chances are he'll remember the play just as well. 

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