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“We Plan Like Crazy For the Worst”: San Francisco Police Bracing for World Series Chaos

Civic Center Plaza is likely going to be a party Tuesday night if the expected thousands of Giants fans show up to watch Game 6 of the World Series on a giant Jumbotron.

In fact, Yvette Bautista showed up at 5 a.m. to get a front row seat as the Jumbotron was being set up - 12 hours before the game.

"Worth it," was all she said.

She was joined early in the day by Barbara Grauke, who set up a chair right up close to the big screen.

"Since I didn't  have anything else I really had to do today," Grauke said, "I decided I'll set up for my family."

She said shed' spend the time reading. "It's nice to sit and do nothing for a while."

But it's not just baseball that will be taking over San Francisco.

There are hundreds of concert goers attending the Phish concert inside the Bill Graham Civic auditorium next door.

City officials are advising anyone visiting San Francisco to come early in order to get a viewing spot for the game on the plaza, and take BART or public transportation if you can.

Police also say leave the booze at home. There will be "zero tolerance" for alcohol at the event. And officers are on standby in case the Giants win the World Series against the Kansas City Royals and fans decide to cause problems.

Remember the Novato man in 2012 who smashed windows and a Muni bus in 2012? Police do and want to avoid that sort of thing. Officers are bracing for possible chaos, and want to especially prevent fires, which also erupted after the Giants won the World Series two years ago. That's why city crews are cleaning the street of debris so happy fans won't set things ablaze.

"We plan like crazy for the worst and we  hope for the best," Police Chief Greg Suhr said.

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