What Your Third Line Center Choice for the Sharks Says About You

After going winless in their first two games, the Sharks are desperate to find some chemistry.

Head coach Peter DeBoer mixed up the lines the last two days, according to reporters. Tomas Hertl moved back to the wing, this time on the second line with Logan Couture. Chris Tierney centered the third line, and San Jose Barracuda playoff hero Ryan Carpenter centered the fourth.

So continues the revolving door at the third line center position under DeBoer. Hertl and Tierney have both spent some time there in DeBoer's two-plus seasons behind the bench. Hertl's got the underlying numbers, while Tierney put up points in the role during San Jose's 2016 run to the Stanley Cup Final. The lack of a permanent solution, though, has left plenty of room for debate. 

Whether or not San Jose's current lineup is optimal lies in the eye of you, dear reader. Your view of the whole lineup provides some insight, but your opinion on who the third line center should be says a lot about you.

Tomas Hertl

You're analytically-inclined, and will tell anyone that will listen. And I mean anyone. You've brought former 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie's "Trust The Process" into your daily conversations...unironically. You're committed to the plans you set, even if the results aren't immediate or readily apparent. You value the journey as much as the destination, and you try not to lose sight of that. 

Chris Tierney

You tend to go with your gut, and are a big believer in the eye test. First impressions aren't everything, but impressions in critical situations are. Homework wasn't (or isn't) your thing in school, but you placed (or place) supreme importance on exams and standardized tests. When you reflect on your life, you'll look back on the highs, paying little attention to the lows. 

Ryan Carpenter/Any Other Prospect

You keep an open mind to new solutions, and don't necessarily need a lot of information to make a decision. Whenever you go to a restaurant, you're ordering something new off of the menu, even if the restaurant is an old standby. You're adventurous, but sometimes, that spirit allows you to get ahead of yourself. You'll give anyone, or anything, a chance. 

Any Center on the Trade Block

You want what you can't have. The grass is always greener on the other side. You're constantly keeping your resume up to date and looking up real estate listings in new cities, perpetually angling for the next move. This also means that you're pragmatic. You don't let emotion or attachment cloud your judgement, and are willing to cut bait when a decision doesn't work out. 

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