The Best Opponent For The Packers In The Super Bowl

Patriots vs. Packers would make for great Super Bowl story lines

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Power rankings. You hate them. They’re so arbitrary and pointless, especially when they include all 32 NFL teams. All you want to know after a good week of NFL action is who the bestest team in the NFL right now, and which one is the absolute barrel-scraping worst. That’s why we have TOP AND BOTTOM OF THE NFL, where we go to great lengths to tell you who’s the top dog in football right now, this very minute. LET’S GO!

THE TOP: Green Bay Packers

Let's assume that the Packers make it all the way to the Super Bowl. Because they will. They're going to the Super Bowl and they're going to win it and it will be oddly anticlimactic. ANYWAY, assuming that's the case, I have done a thorough and scientific-ey study of which AFC team would fare the best against the inevitable champs. Never mind that New Orleans has a far better chance than any AFC team to beat the Packers. We'll just ignore that ugly truth for now and focus in on A) Which team has the best chance of beating Green Bay and B) Which team would be the most fun to watch play Green Bay. Now, here are teams with the best shot to beat the Packers:

1. Steelers

2. Patriots

3. Ravens

4. Texans

5. Broncos

6. Jets

7. Titans/Raiders/Chargers/Bengals/etc.

Even though the Ravens have beaten the Stealers twice in the AFC North, I don't think they have the offensive firepower needed to keep up with the Packers, who could hang 30+ on any of the defenses listed above. Provided Big Ben's brain continues to tell him his ankle doesn't hurt, Pittsburgh has the ability to harass Aaron Rodgers and make enough big plays in the passing game to keep up.T he Texans and Broncos both have enough defense to cause trouble for the Packers, but not enough offense to seize the opportunity (yes, yes, Tim Tebow is magic and all that). Now, if we go strictly by desired matchup, here are your rankings:

1. Patriots

2. Broncos

3. Steelers

4. Jets

5. Ravens

6. Texans

7. Scrap heap

The Pats have an awful defense, but tell me you wouldn't enjoy the inevitable 45-40 score that would result from those two teams meeting. Plus the Packers would have a shot at 19-0 against the same team that blew its chance at it four years ago. I'm hooked.

Then you have Tebow doing all his Tebow stuff in hopes of conquering the mighty Goliath, with Goliath then winning by 50 points. AWESOME.

I have no real interest in seeing a rematch of last year's Super Bowl, but I'm sure Steelers fans feel differently.

THE BOTTOM: Indianapolis Colts

Say this for Jim Caldwell: He outlasted three other head coaches for no good reason! Playing dead pays off handsomely.

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