Why Is MLB Promoting a Giant’s Head Injury?

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Concussions -- and head injuries in general -- are a serious problem in sports. Fortunately, Major League baseball implemented a concussion-targeted disabled list before the season, which is a clear sign that they understand the problem.

Not a clear sign? 

MLB's Twitter account promoting a video where Giants' catcher Chris Stewart gets clubbed in the head with a baseball bat during Monday night's game.

See hit at this link.

It's not necessarily a problem that MLB.com has a video of Stewart getting dazed by a baseball bat -- after all it's not nearly as gruesome as the Buster Posey injury which was run roughly 12 billion times by various networks. (And yes, I'm aware that the video clip is actually an NBC piece, thanks for asking.)

It is a problem, though, when the MLB Twitter feed (embedded below) promotes the video in a way which makes it sound like head injuries are funny and/or cool. Because they're not.

"Watch a Giants catcher get positively smashed in the head and go down for the count on a back swing," the MLB.com account tweeted around noon eastern time on Tuesday.

Concussions and/or head injuries just aren't funny, and pushing a video of a baseball player becoming stunned thanks to a baseball bat to the head as a "Top Play" seems a bit hypocritical, especially if the sport is trying to be progressive about brain damage.

But then again, maybe whoever was running the Twitter feed is just a sadist:

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