Why Warriors' Steve Kerr Doesn't Chat With Klay Thompson Much in Summer

Sometimes, you just need a break.

In this case, Warriors coach Steve Kerr admitted to not keeping in touch with Klay Thompson during the summers, but that's part of the norm between the two. 

"I never talk to Klay in the summertime," Kerr told The Athletic's Marcus Thompson when asked if Kerr had any updates on the five-time All-Star regarding his ACL rehab.

"I just wait until I see him a day before camp starts," Ker added. "I know he had his fundraiser a couple days ago for the Bahamas relief. Some of the guys went down and saw him. I texted him a couple times. But for the most part, I've been kept up to date with his rehab by Rick (Celebrini). Sounds like it's going well. But we'll really reconnect on it at the start of camp."

The new rehab facility located at Chase Center was also on Kerr's mind. That's where Klay will be spending his time as he works to come back. 

Kerr mentioned that even though the new digs are just under 15 miles away from their previous location in Oakland, it's "a different world."

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The coach has been getting adjusted to the Warriors' new home and is preparing for training camp, which begins on Monday with Media Day.

Then, the two will be reunited. 

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